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We are Commercial Lending brokerage who finds the right lending solutions for the clients and elevate their business journey.

Who we are


  • Access to over 20 Lenders
  • Finding the right lender and rate for you
  • Hands on Approach

In house Underwriting

  • Documents collection
  • Order and Follow up with Lender, Appraisal and others
  • Being Proactive and Enhanced Due Diligence

Business plan services

  • Prepare and analyse Business plan and Projections
  • Review and advise of Seller’s Financials
  • Review of Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable

Our Services

Start up loans

  • CSBFL – Canada Small Business Financing Loans
  • Up to $1Million
  • Loan Guaranteed by Govt up to 85%

Business Loan

  • Equipment and Manufacturing Loan
  • Purchase and Refinance of Existing Businesses
  • Increasing Existing Financing facilities

Working Capital and Expansion

  • Working Capital Loans
  • Operating Line of Credit
  • Accounts Receivable Loan

Commercial Mortgages

  • All commercial Zoned properties
  • Maximum LTV 80%
  • Owner Occupied or Rental

Industries we finance

Health Care Pratices

  • Clinics – Medical, Dentist, Physiotherapy, Chiropractors
  • Lab and Radiology Clinics
  • Optometrists
  • Pharmacies

Commercial Real Estate

  • Mixed Use Properties
  • Retirement Homes
  • Hotels and Motels

Hospitality and Franchise Businesses

  • Franchise Businesses and Restaurants
  • Retail locations
  • Childcare and Daycare

Gas Stations

  • Branded and Non-Branded

Land Financing

  • Land for Development/Infrastructure
  • Bridge Financing
  • Construction Financing

Innovative Industries

  • IT Industry
  • Microbrewery
  • Greener Future Financing

Our partners

Our Results

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Our team

Jini Youssef

CEO of Ozonoh Financial Group

Jini is a CEO of Ozonoh Financial Group and has been in the industry for over 3 years now. Jini is trying to solve the problem for the borrowers to access equity, low fees and quick turnaround times to borrow funds on their properties. Jini leads with the purpose of helping people and keeps the client experience to the core of everything she does.

Gulshan Sethi

Broker of the Ozonoh Financial Group

Gulshan is a principal broker of the Ozonoh Financial group brokerage. Gulshan has over 15 years of strong and distinguished experience working with all A lenders, Broker world, Private lending and Commercial lending. Gulshan brings ample of expertise, wisdom and business development skills. He is someone who is known for getting things done and a very active community member in GTA area and Lions club.